Package all files in Java resources’ subdirectories

Maybe mvn clean package is one of the easiest operation in java programing. Howerver, I recently encountered a problem of packaging, which took up some of my time.

This was the initial package config in maven pom:

And this is the path of the file I wanted to package and read:

Executing the package command (mvn clean package) and opening the jar with compression software (e.g. WinRAR), the file was expected to locate at BOOT-INFO/class/template. However I could not find it. Though all files in resources folder directly existed, the others in subdirectories was not there.

Helped by Google, I found the key. If we want to package all files in resources folder including files in subdirectories, we need to add these three lines to maven package config:

The full config is :

Oh, forget it: the config is in the <build> tag in maven pom.xml file.


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