Auto Refresh Grid Data In ExtJs7.x

Using Ext.TaskManager we can refresh a grid in certain interval.

Here is an example:

In this example, the grid is refreshed each minute.


ExtJs Grid load data via POST method

In ExtJs7.x, a grid load data uses GET method by default. However sometimes we want to load a grid using a POST method, then we need to adjust the proxy config.

Here is an example:

The key is actionMethods.

Now the grid could load data by sending POST method, but the parameters are sent via params like form fields. With config paramsAsJson, the request parameters can be sent as json data.

The full config is: Continue reading

Remove ExtJs7.x MenuItem empty icon space

Menu items with no icon still have the space allocated on the left of the button. If you wish to remove that space so the menu item text has no left padding, it can be done as follows.

In Application.scss add CSS class hide-menu-icon :

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Getting Items From ExtJs7.x Toolbar

The code below shows an example of getting items from a toolbar:

The code here gives a brief demonstration of how to change the backgroud color of buttons in a toolbar by iterating over the toolbar’s items . Continue reading