How To Insert Code Snippets in Blogger Post

There’s no native way to insert codes in Blogger (ie – no button on the editor toolbar). However we can manage to overcome the problem.

The easiest way is to write the full content in markdown and then copy it into the blog editor. It comes with full syntax highlighting in the language of your choice.

For example, we can write java code like this:

And the result:

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SpringBoot Mybatis Insert null Fields

I’m using SpringBoot and MyBatis. When tried to insert/update some rows into a table, I got the fllowing:

The column remark in the table user was setted to NOT NULL, and the value of the column to insert was null. That’s why I received the error. Continue reading

How to make Jackson to avoid Escaping Backslash

As I tried to deserialize a json string from database with jackson, I received error message like this:

The json string is:

It’s the Backslash in the source json string which lead to the error. Continue reading